Fee consolidation referrendum

Fee consolidation referrendum

Voting link: amsvoting.as.it.ubc.ca

In the wake of the referendum happening at AMS right now, your Pharmacy Undergraduate Society has a referendum of our own! Remember that long line up in the beginning of the year where everyone had to line up and pay a $10 locker fee? Well, if this referendum passes, it will be automatically collected with the undergraduate society fee that is in your tuition! Convenient for you, and for our PhUS council.

The following will be the proposed referendum question:
Do you support the Pharmacy Undergraduate Society establishing a $10 fee increase to the current Undergraduate Society fee to replace the collection of the September locker fee?

Voting will be open March 20th and closes on March 27th. Please come out and support this referendum! Please see an infographic of the benefits below and a list of frequently asked questions under that. If you have any further questions, please contact internal@ubcphus.org if you have any other questions.