Basic Itinerary

Schedule for September 1, 2019

Official Event: 9:00AM to 7:00PM

9:00AM: Event starts at the Pharmaceutical Sciences Building. Sign in to meet your group leader and group members!

10:00AM: Opening remarks by organizers and the PhUS (Pharmacy Undergraduate Society).

10:30AM: Ice-breakers and activities around campus!

12:00PM: Lunch!

12:30PM: Opening ceremonies for the campus-wide amazing race!

12:45PM: Amazing race begins!

5:00PM: Closing ceremonies for the amazing race.

6:00PM: Dinner and post-dinner events such as the mingler and the closing ceremonies for GPA.

Don’t forget to come join us for the 1st Pharmacy Pit Night (First Dose) from 8:00PM to 1:00AM. This event is free for all pharmacy students and the 1st TEN GPA groups to arrive will get a free pitcher of beer!

Please note this schedule is not finalized and is subject to change at anytime.