Pharmacist Awareness Month 2017

About Us

PAM is short for Pharmacist Awareness Month. It occurs every March and aims to educate the public regarding areas in which pharmacists are underused. This monthly informative campaign is brought to you by the students of Pharmacy Undergraduate Society and CAPSI.


Our Organizers

jerold simon laura stephanie leung
Jerold Chu Simon Qi Laura Rozka Stephanie Leung
Co-chair Co-chair Advocacy Advocacy
melina riaaz miriam setareh
Melina Huang Riaaz Lalani Miriam Ahmed Setareh Masoudi
Marketing Marketing Showcase Coordinator Sponsorship
IMG_3537 ada goutham stephanie mah
Jerry Mejia Ada Mew Goutham Jaini Stephanie Mah
Community Outreach Community Outreach Volunteer Coordinator Volunteer Coordinator
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Eric Hsu Sherry Yu Stephanie Song
Events Events Events

Weekly breakdown

Week 1 – Showcase

Let’s kick off the month with the showcase on March 3rd to exhibit the talents of the Pharmacy students of UBC! Following this, the Pharmacy Vocal Ensemble will be hosting a Coffeehouse event on March 6th – come and enjoy some hot drinks and watch the wonderful pharmacy student performances.

Date Location Time Event
March 3rd Nest 12-1 PM Showcase
March 6th Pharmacy Building Atrium 5:30-8 PM Pharmacy Coffeehouse hosted by Pharmacy Vocal Ensemble


Week 2 – Opioids and Alcohol Use/Abuse

This week will center around the current fentanyl crisis in BC and the issues of opioid and alcohol abuse. Students will learn about side effects, overdosage, emergency rescue procedures, safe drug use, and more – through posters and interactive activities facilitated by pharmacy students.

Date Location Time
March 14th Nest 11 AM-2 PM
March 15th/16th Nest 1-3 PM
March 16th Nest 1-3 PM


Week 3 – Stimulants

The third week of PAM will focus on the use and abuse of stimulants (caffeine and “study drugs”) by students. Students will be introduced to up-to-date knowledge about the effects of caffeine and study drugs on health, performance in school and exercise.

Date Location Time
March 21st Vanier 12-2 PM
March 22nd Totem 12-2 PM
March 23rd Orchard Commons 2-4 PM


Week 4 – Women’s Health and Contraception

The fourth and final week of PAM aims to educate students on the matters of women’s health and contraception. As contraceptives are one of the most commonly used drugs by university students, we aim to establish an understanding of the features of each option available. This will include information on the use, efficacy, side effects, and more through interactive activities and presentations from a variety of sources – including Dr. Judith Soon and the Just Right pp.

Date Location Time
March 28th Nest 12:30-2:30 PM
March 30th – ft. Dr. Judith Soon Nest 12:30-2:30 PM
March 31st – ft. Just Right app Nest 12-2 PM

Contact us

Please visit our facebook page for all the latest updates. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our chairs.