Pharmacist Awareness Month 2019 (PAM)

University of British Columbia’s Pharmacist Awareness Month 2019 (PAM) is an annual national campaign during March that promotes the changing profession of pharmacy and the vital role that pharmacists play in the health care system. This month serves not only to recognize the profession of pharmacy, but to also give the public and UBC students the opportunity to better understand the profession and how pharmacists serve our communities.

Each year several events are held to achieve this cause, one of which is the Pharmacy Fair that is held at the heart of campus at the student union building. PAM gives students from all backgrounds the opportunity to learn more about the profession, as well as gain insight into this aspect of healthcare. This year, our events are focused around mental health and wellness, and caring for minor ailments such as the common cold.

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Upcoming PAM events:
March 4, 6, 8 – Pill Drop Week

Come to the nest to drop off your expired medications and learn more about your medications and pharmacy while being kinder to the environment!
Also, spin our wellness wheel to take home a treat that will boost your physical or mental wellness

March 15 – Pharmacy Information Evening
Interested in learning more about pharmacy? We will open up our Pharmacy building to all students on March 15 from 5:45-7:45 for an opportunity to learn about what pharmacists do, the future of pharmacy, life of a pharmacy student, and much more!
There will be food, games, AND prizes to win!

Gold ($500+):

Gold’s Gym
Silver ($200+):
Hot Box Yoga