PhuS and BCPhA Speaker Series: One Step Ahead- Transitions

PhuS and BCPhA Speaker Series: One Step Ahead- Transitions

PhUS and BCPhA are back with another Speaker Series!

Are you unsure of where your career is headed? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the uncertainty of your workplace post-graduation? This talk is for you! Come check out Sam Louie’s motivational presentation to orient students to what’s coming and how to prepare for survival in their career and workplace.

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Learning Objectives:
1 Survival Tips
2 Basic Essentials
3 Understanding Yourself
4 Avoiding Lethal Errors
5 Making Career Choices

Monday, March 18, 2019 12 -1pm
Lecture Room 1201 (London Drug’s Theatre)
Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, 2405 Wesbrook Mall


Speaker Bio:
Sam’ s inspirational presentations have drawn outstanding reviews from professionals, educators, leaders, staff, students and industry. His interests include communication, team building and enlightenment. He is keen to convey key learnings through visual imagery and quirky humour. He practices an art of engagement that draws you in and reveals
perspectives you may have overlooked.

Sam Louie is a native Vancouverite and a UBC Phar Sc grad.
He is a veteran practitioner with over 34 years engaging and
leading his Pharmacy team at North Van’s Lions Gate Hospital. Multitudes of hospital personnel have been inspired through his role as a frontline leadership trainer. Sam served as an adjunct professor and the PharmD course coordinator for the Advanced Pharmacy Administration course for 10 years. He continues his academic teaching as a current instructor here and at Vancouver Community College’s Pharmacy Technician program