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UBC Future Water Student Executive Committee

UBC Future Water Student Executive Committee

We would like to invite you to be a part of the brand new UBC Future Water Student Executive Committee. The FW Student Executive is a venue for students from across UBC to be involved in an interdisciplinary approach to water research. Around campus, UBC students are advocating for SDG6 and water as a human right, learning the technical details of treating mine effluent and looking at the societal impacts of gender roles in water collection. As students here at UBC, opportunities and resources are available to allow all of us to contribute to the protection, appreciation, and understanding of water, regardless of which faculty we belong to. However, we’ve come to realize that most water-related issues require a multidisciplinary approach, necessitating collaboration across disciplines. UBC has recently provided funding for the creation of the UBC Future Water Cluster and the UBC Future Water Student Executive. The purpose of these groups is to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and community connections for students and faculty, all around the topic of water. If your studies are water-related, we’d love for you to join us

If you would like to join the UBC Future Water Student Executive, click this link, select that you’re a student, and mention in the form that you want to join the executive. Alternatively, you can simply sign up for the UBC Water mailing list to keep up to date with events and initiatives. To get more information on UBC Future Water Cluster and the Student Executive, check out www.water.ubc.ca

Why join the UBC Future Water Student Executive?

  1. Academic events:
    • WESTalks – weekly seminar series hosted at UBC, featuring water experts from around the Globe
    • WESTcon – UBC’s annual water conference in June
    • Panel discussions and industry tours
  2. Professional development events:
    • FW luncheon series
    • Networking events with local businesses and municipalities
    • Avenue to communicate with students from other departments: research collaborations, recruiting guest speakers, etc.
    • Workshops on writing papers and funding opportunities
  3. Social events:
    • Brews and News: discussing provocative topics in water/ environment over coffee or beer (the first will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 30th at 4 pm)
    • Trivia nights
    • Other fun water-related events (water park??)

Please check out UBC Future Water website for more info. We hope to see you at our first meeting on Wednesday, September 23rd at 4pm (Zoom link to be circulated beforehand to everyone registered on the student executive). 

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