4th Year Representative (2022) – Parsa Amin

Hello classmates! My name is Parsa and I am running to be one of your PhUS Year 4 Representatives. Previously, I was your PhUS Year 2 Representative, and most recently, your PhUS President. With my experiences in consideration, I am confident that I can continue to best represent your interests. In addition to that, I recognize how difficult the last >12 months have been for us, both academically and socially. Here’s how I plan to address that.

  1. To liaise with PEBCs to organize an information session for our year, along with any other measures to ensure that our pathway to licensure is as low-stress as can be. I will also provide regular PEBC updates to our class as they come.
  2. I will also continue to represent our year’s interests at the student pipeline, and to advocate for our student body if any situations arise.
  3. If there is interest, I would like to establish a Year 4 Events Committee to organize a few social events throughout the year. These would not be limited to just the lower mainland – but across the province!

In our final year as classmates, it would be my pleasure to help ensure our transition from students to working professionals is as seamless as can be. Thank you, and I hope I’ve earned your vote for PhUS Year 4 Representative.

Candidate Speech: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Sqj-gGQOeT8SJsK3c6e2sYdf2lFVEe3M/view?usp=sharing