Alexis Coxon

C/O 2026 Graduation Representative Candidate, Alexis Coxon

Hi soon-to-be PY3s! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Alexis and I’m running to be one of your Class of 2026 Grad Reps! 👩🏻‍🎓 Third year is the last year that we spend together on campus, and I want to help make it the best and most memorable year yet!

Why should you vote for me?

  • One of my goals as Grad Rep would be to incorporate as many of YOUR ideas as possible! I would love to get ideas from the class regarding Grad Sweaters that the Grad Reps oversee and am open to all ideas (colour, design, etc.).
  • After attending Cake & Champagne this year as a volunteer, I have a better idea of how the event works and how we can make the event just as great next year!
  • I’ve also been involved with a few clubs over the past 2 years that have provided me with some event planning experience (and also some great new friendships):
    • PhUS SoCo
    • Pharmily Mentor
    • GPA HR Exec
    • Mental Health Task Force Year Rep

As your Grad Rep for the next two years, I’d want to be someone you feel comfortable approaching with questions/concerns/ideas, so please feel free to reach out, I’m always down to chat! 😊