Allan Ma

President Candidate, Allan Ma

My name is Allan, I am a second-year student running to be your next PhUS President. As the current PhUS VP Finance, I work closely with the PhUS Council, members of the AMS, and the student body, which I believe has readied me to take on the next step as President.

If elected, there are three elements I would like to focus on:

  1. Student Advocacy: Advocate for the general student body for all academic concerns by liaising with Faculty members. I will bring up your concerns and suggestions to the appropriate channels to ensure your voices and interests are heard and thoughtfully considered.
  2. Easier Access to UpToDate: Continue the current works and communications with the relevant parties and organizations to identify better accessibility for UpToDate; with the goal of removing the requirements to re-verify student status every 3 months.
  3. Promote and Encourage Novel Student Initiatives: Collaborate with the Council to discover new events and support students with new initiatives and ideas to promote students’ well-being and inclusion.

My experience as VP Finance and as the co-lead of the Sponsorship Committee has provided key insights which will enable me to lead next year’s Council and use the budget efficiently. I will promote collaboration amongst the Council to work closely with one another to give back to the students with various professional opportunities and events. 

I believe I have the right experience and qualifications for the role of President. Thank you and I hope I have earned your vote!