Anthony Prpic

VP Social Candidate, Anthony Prpic

Hi there! My name is Anthony Prpic, a current PY2 student. This year, I’m running for the position of Vice President Social. As a current member of Social Committee and a second-year student, I present a unique level of experience both within the faculty and as a member of the social team. My hopes for the year as VP social are to have more events throughout the school year. I will try to not only bring back, but improve upon classic events, such as the Welcome Back BBQ, Skits Night, Gala, and the Halloween Boat Cruise. Further, some new events I would like to bring to the faculty include post-ICE parties/events (in both T1 and T2), a Christmas break party for the entire faculty, and a couple of nights at the UBC Pit to let loose during the stressful semester! Further, I’ve been in touch with the Canucks social team and am in talks to rent out large numbers of group tickets for multiple games next season, so that there can be an entire pharmacy section at the game! My desire to create new events and have fun in the faculty, coupled with my SoCo experience and close relationship with the current VP Social make me an ideal candidate to guide next years social committee, and will ensure that the 2023-2024 academic year is filled with fun and memories.