British Columbia Pharmacy Association Student Ambassadors (BCPhA)

Overview of the Club / Highlights or Club Initiatives

The BCPhA Student Ambassadors are the official representation for the BC Pharmacy Association on campus! We’re interested in advocating for student initiatives like sponsoring EDI’s Pronoun Pins in the UBC PharmD program and bringing student interests to the provincial association. As a professional body, we focus on career development for students like the annual Speed Networking event, Business Poster Competition, and our new Pharmacy Management Panel. This year we collaborated with Pharmacy Investment Club, Rho Chi Honour Society, Pharmacy Leadership Society (PLS), and the office for Equity Diversity and Inclusion. 

Our ambassadors are highly involved in other student clubs and programs, so find us on campus or reach out to us anytime on

Benefits of Being a Member

  • Access to many helpful learning modules (to get those Continuing Education credits in!)
  • Opportunity to sign up for OAT training 
  • Enjoy discounts and deals at your favourite retailers

How to Be a Member

Student membership is free and you can sign up directly from the BCPhA website! To become a student ambassador, there is an application and interview process. Keep an eye out on the pharmacy Facebook pages in September/October to find out when we’re recruiting!

Links to the Club’s Pages