Crish Kannan Lakshminarayanan

VP External Candidate, Crish Kannan Lakshminarayanan

My name is Crish Kannan Lakshminarayanan. I am running for PHUS external affairs because, I believe in the power of building strong networks and long lasting relationships. As someone who has always been passionate about connecting with people from different backgrounds, I am dedicated to bring this same level of enthusiasm to our Pharmily.

I promise to represent the needs and concerns of our Pharmily to external stakeholders, whether that be through advocating for policy changes, building partnerships with other organizations, or simply creating opportunities for ourselves.

Above all, I believe in the importance of professionalism, open communication and transparency. I pledge to communicate our concerns and ideas to the wider community. I will also prioritize our interest and represent UBC Pharmacy to the pinnacle of professional standards.

I hope to earn your vote and the opportunity to serve as your representative for external affairs.