Jason Jeong

VP Communications Candidate, Jason Jeong

Hello, Rockstars of UBC Pharmacy!

My name is Jason Jeong and I am running to be your VP Communications.

As a PY1 representative, I have realized that many of my roles can be directly translate to the roles of a VP Communications. I have been creating weekly calendars that list all of the upcoming classes, activities, and assignments with my fellow representatives. With this experience, I believe that I will be able to provide you with reliable weekly newsletters that displays all of the upcoming events and opportunities within that week. I also have experience in creating virtual posters – such as the one I created for the PY1 Hide and Seek event – which will definitely assist me with advertising various pharmacy events. I have also been responsible, with my fellow PY1 reps, for reliable communication between the PY1s and the faculty through multiple pipeline meetings. With my experience in PhUS and my skills, I believe that I will be able to provide reliable and effective communication between you, the faculty, the student society, and the various clubs we have in pharmacy, so that you can be up to date with all of the possible opportunity that presents itself throughout the following year. Make sure to vote Jason Jeong for VP Communications and I hope you have a great day!