Juhi Bhathella

C/O 2026 Graduation Representative Candidate, Juhi Bhathella

Hello Everyone!

My name is Juhi and I am running to be one of your Grad Representatives. We have already come a long way since our first lectures as PY1s, and each of us is continuing to grow both personally and professionally as we pass the halfway mark. I am excited at the opportunity to plan the celebrations of our hard work as the light at the end of the tunnel finally gets brighter!

Some of my previous volunteer experience includes: PAM 2024 Co-Volunteer Coordinator, CIBC Run for the Cure Run Day Experience Lead – Victoria, Peer Mentor w/ our Faculty.

Each of us has had a unique journey in pharmacy school – from learning to live in a new place, to expanding our social/professional networks, to adjusting to the steep learning curve of our profession, etc. and we are going to have important opportunities to celebrate all this growth as our degree comes to an end and we begin our careers in various areas of pharmacy!

The Grand Banquet and Cake & Champagne events are wonderful occasions for us to celebrate our hard work and achievements. I am passionate about making these events as memorable as possible and am excited to learn from other PhUS members as well as all of you about what would make these events memorable for you! Looking forward to celebrating graduation with all of your and would really appreciate your vote for me as one of your dedicated graduation reps!


Juhi Bhathella