Kat Su

VP Academic Candidate, Kat Su

Hello everyone!

I’m Kat, you may know me as one of the PY1 representatives. I have really enjoyed being a student representative so far and I want to expand on what I can do for PhUS – which is why I am running for VP Academic. When I first heard about the VP Academic position, it sounded exactly like the role I want to fulfill. Although I am only in first year, I believe I am capable of this role as I am dedicated, diligent, and motivated to provide the best possible experience for my fellow classmates. One of the responsibilities of VP Academic is leading the Student Pipeline meetings twice a term. I am very grateful that my peers have trusted me with their concerns these past 2 terms, and I want to continue to help by engaging directly with faculty to address these concerns. Another responsibility of VP Academic is to promote mental health and wellbeing of students. I am very passionate about advocating self care and wellness and making sure that everyone utilizes the mental health resources that are available to the pharmacy students. My goal as VP Academic is to ensure that student concerns are heard and that everyone gets the support they need if they are struggling.

Thank you!