Mina Rim

VP Academic Candidate, Mina Rim

Hi everyone:)

My name is Mina Rim and I’m running to be your VP Academic for the upcoming year. I’m fortunate to have been able to be your AVP Academic this past year. As AVP Academic, I helped our current VP Academic run the Student Pipeline meetings, as well as host the self-care raffles. I was also involved as the co-chair for Mental Health Task Force. You may have seen me during Bunny Therapy – where unfortunately I was probably kicking you out after the 15-minute timeslot that felt like 5 minutes.

I want to use this opportunity to promise you all that as your VP Academic, I will continue to advocate for student well-being and support. I understand that sometimes it feels like our concerns raised in Pipeline seem to reach nowhere, and I really want to improve visibility in that area and ensure that Pipeline remains to be a two-way channel. There’s changes stirring within the faculty for our sake, and I would love to share the great news with you all!

Additionally, if we think about what’s better than Bunny Therapy… it would be more Bunny Therapy sessions… or even Puppy Therapy. For our sake, I’d happily beg the top dogs for more funds to hold more events that can make some of our toughest weeks a little better! With your confidence, I would like to represent you all and our struggles to hopefully make this next year the best one yet. Cheers!