Pharmily Mentorship Program

Overview of the Program

The Pharmily Mentorship Program’s purpose is to provide a network of support and guidance for the incoming first year students. This program aids students in navigating their first year of the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Entry-to-Practice Pharm-D Program while simultaneously creating an invigorating learning environment.

Program Initiatives

Each first-year student (“mentee”) will be paired with an upper year (i.e. second, third or fourth year) pharmacy student (“mentor”) for the entirety of the academic year. Mentors and mentees will arrange to meet during both terms. These sessions are intended to provide guidance, support, and make the transition into first year pharmacy as seamless as possible. These meetings are a means to share insight and subjective experiences throughout their journeys in the UBC Pharm-D program, but most importantly help create meaningful relationships within the “Pharmily” community.

Benefits of Being a Member

Becoming a member: 

Mentors and mentees are recruited prior to the start of the upcoming academic year (usually during the month of August) and paired at the start of Term 1. Applications to become a Mentee or Mentor are posted on the Pharmily Mentorship Facebook page, and can also be found on the incoming class’s Facebook page. There are no requirements to become a Mentee or Mentor, and we will do our best to accommodate all students that apply to the program. We will do our best to pair mentees and mentors, based on our numbers. For any questions, please reach out to 

Mentor Benefits: 

  • Help guide a first-year student and provide the information you wish you knew as a first year student 
  • Enhance your leadership and communication skills 
  • Exposure to new and different perspectives 
  • Expand your network! Connect with other students in the program and build lasting friendships. 

Mentee Benefits: 

  • Understand and have a clearer expectation of the program. While also gaining a better idea of what’s required from you. 
  • Gain advice from a student who has recently been in your shoes. 
  • Start building your network. You will have the opportunity to get connected with other students in the program and build lasting friendships 

Both members and non-members can participate in events: 

  • Pharmily Phorum: The Practicum Experience – social event held in April and June involving students of all years discussing their subjective experiences during their rotations and will aid students in their transition into first year practicum.
  • Rx for Procrastination – open study sessions held throughout the term 

Access to guides: 

  • Pharmily Summer Guide: An introduction to the pharmacy program from a student’s perspective (including FAQs!) 
  • Pharmily Mentor & Mentee Guide: A detailed overview of what to expect from the Pharmily Mentorship Program 
  • Pharmily Mentor Guide: A training document for our mentors
  • 3rd Year Elective Guide: A summarized document providing student perspectives on various electives 
  • 4th Year Practicum Elective Guide: A summarized document provident student perspectives on 4th year elective practicum rotations

Links to the Club’s Pages: