PY1 Year Representative Candidates

Andrew Hall

I’ve always had an instinctive passion for helping others. I believe that’s why I was interested in applying to this esteemed program. I want to channel that desire to help others by representing my peers in this club. Inclusive environments that welcome everyone’s needs and desires to be appreciated are extremely important to me.

I’ve had the privilege to partake in a diverse range of experiences that helped shape my life. I backpacked across Europe while studying abroad in England. I road-tripped across Canada and saw many beautiful places that make up this country. I spent a summer researching the effects that nitrogen fertilizer has on wine composition in a government-funded lab. These experiences allow me to connect with people on an intimate level. I hope to continue to make strong bonds with members of this faculty as a class representative.

I am excited to collaborate with PhUS members to improve the program for all students. I was disappointed to see that students were permitted two guests for the white coat ceremony. One lecturer mentioned that the white coat ceremony is one of the biggest days in our E2P tenure. I want to celebrate this accomplishment with my close friends and family like many others in my year are hoping to do. I am concerned that it was not considered that students wished to invite more people to celebrate this momentous occasion. I hope to work with the organizing committee to meet these desires of the students in future years.

Esther Lu

Hello everyone! My name is Esther and I am running to be your PY1 rep! 

I believe that I am a great candidate for this position because I have previous leadership experience being the co-president of the Biology Student Union at SFU and also the co-president of a UNICEF club in high school. During this time, I held multiple events for students such as movie nights and escape rooms, planned fundraisers such as candy gram sales, and advocated for the student body in improving and renovating the Biology Commons Room. I hope to continue doing this as your PY1 representative to make our year one of the best! 

If elected, I plan to hold some fun events throughout the year to help people socialize and de-stress. I am open to any suggestions and will do my best to bring the plan into action. In addition to that, I will also organize study sessions before the exams to help everyone study. I believe that studying together will help us bridge the gaps and understand the material better while forming a deeper bond ☺

I look forward to getting to know all of you and would be honored to be your PY1 representative!

Jason Junwoo Lee

Hey, Pharmily of 2027!

Did you know that I can do handstands? Now, while I can’t teach everyone, I can promise to turn our pharmacy journey into a balancing act of excellence AND fun.

It’s stressful being in an unfamiliar environment but as your First-Year Representative, I guarantee that I will ease this transition. Let’s bridge the gap between us and the upper years and faculty members. I’ve done this during undergrad and know how to create networking opportunities so that we can all put an extra line in our resumes and LinkedIn. 

But our current priority is to do well in school. I will post weekly reminders for important due dates, create quizlets and Anki cards, and share studying tips for our exams. 

I want our Class to be a tight-knit community, so let’s inject some excitement into our 8-hour lecture days with pub nights, karaoke, and talent shows.  

So vote for me, and together, we’ll create an environment where everyone can support each other and make lifelong friendships. 

Thank You!


Kat Su

Hi everyone,

My name is Kat and I am running for Class of 2027 Year Representative. You may know me as the “scrunchie girl” or the person that started the group chat! I was the Student Representative of my undergraduate Health Sciences Program, and I am currently a member of the PhUS Social Committee. I love being involved, and I strive to make everyone’s (including my own!) experience in the pharmacy program a little bit easier and a lot more fun! I am very passionate about facilitating new friendships, informing others about campus events, and creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. I not only want to encourage students to connect within our pharmacy community, but to also connect with the UBC community. With my experience, I believe I can increase student participation in program events, represent our year if any issues arise, and aim to improve the university experience for our students. I am confident that if I am elected as one of the representatives, I will work closely with the other representatives to produce the best possible pharmacy program experience and make sure our students feel seen and heard.

Lambert Chan

Hello all!

My name is Lambert, and I am excited to apply for the first-year representative position at PhUS. A quick introduction about myself, I’m from Toronto, Ontario and a recent graduate of the University of Waterloo. During my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, and volleyball, and going to the gym with my friends (I’m always looking for new gym buddies!).

During my undergraduate years, I was an active member of several clubs that aimed to bring together different faculties and the student body in general. One of the most rewarding experiences I had was serving as a senior sponsorship and marketing executive for our school’s CSA (Chinese Student Association). Our team organized events that celebrated our culture and raised funds for communities in need. Additionally, I was a senior executive for our school’s Operation Smile program, which focused on educating communities about the impact of cleft lip and raising funds for safe surgeries in underdeveloped countries.

I am eager to apply the skills and knowledge I have gained from my previous roles to serve as your first-year representative. I aim not only to organize enjoyable and interactive events but also to be a voice for all your concerns. I am passionate about ensuring that all students’ feedback and opinions are heard, and I am committed to making your time in the pharmacy program as fulfilling as possible. Thank you for considering my application, and I hope to have your continuous support!

Mitchell Mah

You know who I am, but if you don’t, here’s a quick recap of me!  I completed my Bachelors of Biological Sciences at SFU and now I want to turn my scientific passion into a pharmacy career.  I am energetic and a definitive extrovert and I want to use that energy to be your class of 2027 representative.  We are going to be on this four-year long path together and I want to make it as fun and engaging as possible for all of us!

Susanna Zhong

Hello fellow PY1s! I’m Susanna, and I’m running to be your PhUS year 1 rep. I know what you’re thinking: “Is she really fit to represent us?” Well, let me assure you, my qualifications are as solid as the tablets we’ll be counting for the rest of our lives. First a bit about myself: I love building Lego, I went skydiving this past summer, and I worked for Elon Musk’s baby mama’s dad. You may recognize me because you use the FDL Anki decks or deadline reminders that I made. Now, let me convince you why you should vote for me:

  • Empathy is my second language, and people-pleasing is my nature; you can vent to me about how hard EoBs are, and I will hear you out while providing tissues and snacks. I will also go out of my way to ensure all of your concerns/suggestions are heard.
  • As an avid foodie and caffeine addict, I will strive to not only get good food for class events, but to install an espresso machine in the student lounge with vegan-friendly milk/cream available. Teabags will be provided for those of you that don’t drink coffee.
  • I will continue to create and share class-related content for your convenience, such as monthly calendars and deadline reminders to keep everyone on track, etc. 

I hope I’ve convinced you that I am the right prescription of the year. Thank you for reading, and let’s enjoy the next 4 years together. 

Yours truly,


Yale Park

Hey there, Future Pharmacists of BC! I’m Yale—yeah, like the university, but not as expensive and with way more lame dad jokes.

Here’s how it’s going to work: Think of me as the Thalamus of our Pharm.D. class. I’m your go-to for channeling class needs and concerns straight to the dean or whoever needs to hear it. You’ve got a request, a question, or even a spicy meme you think the whole class needs to see? I’m your relay station.

As for availability, consider me like my favorite convenience store, 7-Eleven. You may find me studying, striving for that elusive work-life balance, or just trying to survive this intense program. Either way, I’ll make your needs my priority.

So, if you want a First Year Rep who will make your voice heard, and occasionally make you laugh with some classic memes, then I’m the ‘smart’ choice. Vote Yale!