PY2 Year Representative Candidates

Carmela Sangalang

Hello everyone!

My name is Carmela Sangalang and I’m running to be one of the Year 2 Representatives in the upcoming PhUS elections.

I’m excited to run as a Year 2 Rep this year as I really enjoy being involved within the pharmacy community. Last year, I was the PhUS AVP Internal, where I gained valuable insights into PhUS and all of the interclub activities. During my time as the AVP Internal, I played a role in coordinating all club activities and funding, making sure to bring success to their events.

My involvement in the PhUS Social Committee, LKS and my role as the Events and Logistics Committee Co-chair for GPA 2023 have provided me with extensive event planning experience. I believe that this experience will be valuable in organizing engaging and inclusive events that cater to the interests of all PY2 students.

Furthermore, I was honored to be a part of last year’s Skits Night, where all our effort and creativity resulted in an unforgettable performance. I look forward to the opportunity to organize this year’s Skits Night and strive for an even more memorable performance, aiming for a win for PY2s again.

Additionally, I have been actively involved in the Student Pipeline, where students can voice their concerns to faculty. This experience has given me insight into effective communication and negotiation, which will be crucial in representing your interests and advocating for positive
changes within our program.

I look forward to making our second year a memorable and fulfilling experience!

Jeevan Gill

Hey PY2s! My name is Jeevan and I am running to be one of the three second year reps! Why vote for me? Well, for starters, my name literally means “life,” and I’m about to inject a whole lot of it into our pharmacy school adventure!  This may be my first Phus position but being First year and Jr Rep on our local CAPSI council has helped me get a better understanding of what this role would look like. I would be honored to represent our class on the Phus Committee and help ensure we win skits night this year!

Sonia Plaha

Hi PY2’s! I’m thrilled to be running as one third of your PY2 representatives. During my first year in this Great Pharmacy Adventure, I’ve participated in Skit’s night, shared ideas to the PHUS social committee, helped plan GPA day, and thrown in some fun jokes in our messenger class group chat. As PY2 rep, I hope to channel my creative energy into planning fun events for our class to get to know each other better. If you ever find yourself in a pharmaceutical pickle this year, just know that I am here to listen and advocate for your questions, comments, and concerns.  I am open-minded and approachable so please don’t hesitate to reach out! While our time in the pharmacy building may be brief, the memories we will create will last a lifetime and I look forward to creating those memories with all of you! #pharmaslay