PY3 Year Representative Candidates

Niharika Ghura

Vote for me, because I want to be the kind of year representative for my peers where I don’t focus on my own concerns but bring up their concerns by listening to them. I spent the last couple years focussing only on the student perspective of this program and now would like to hear from the rest of you for what kinds of changes you want, and what events you want. The pharmacy experience is all our experience so I want to be able to not only host events, but host events that you guys genuinely want to go to, ones that you will genuinely enjoy. I would like to bring back skit’s night, host a pit night with all the pharmacy students just to name a few. I would like to host more recruitment nights where we all get to network with a variety of professionals and more manufacturer’s night (i.e. more free stuff!!!).  Lastly, I want to bring a way to better our time here by setting in motion the things/upgrades that you guys as my peers and friends want to see in your last year on campus and make this a great last year!!

Seong-Hoon Jung

Hi PY3!

My name is Seong-Hoon (Spoons) and I am running to be one of your PY3 representatives. 

I was a PY2 year rep for the Rx Yearbook club last year and the most memorable event for me was Valentine’s day candy gram. I enjoyed spreading friendship and love. So this year, I want to go further and work with other PhUS PY3 reps to plan and host exciting events to destress and build connections. This is our last year together in the pharmacy building so I want to make as many good memories that will be immortalized.  

As a year rep, I will also ensure that everyone’s voices (concerns/ideas) are heard by the faculty at the pipeline meetings by continuing anonymous Google forms that all PY3 students can submit. For instance, we had a lot of issues with live-streaming/zoom so far, and as a commuter myself, I understand the importance of reliable online lecture delivery. I won’t be afraid to bring these up in the student pipeline and ensure that the faculty address these issues. Lastly, I am a kind soul who is very approachable and will lend my ears to anyone in need. 

Vivak Maingi

Hey everyone! My name is Vivak Maingi, I go by “Vick” and I know I will be a great third year representative for three reasons. First is that I love activities, whether its physical, social, or just a simple game of wordle. I consider myself a super extroverted individual who is always eager to get everyone involved in activities and motivate them to make their pharmacy experience a memorable one. My second reason is that I live for the nostalgia, and I want to bring back some high school spirit days! That includes twin day, PJ Day, and jersey day – for lectures and not labs of course. Lastly, I know I can be a great year rep because I love celebrating post EOBs and would love to do that with all of my PY3 classmates through sweets, snacks, and planning on polls as to which events the class would love to do together. 

Overall, I will do my best to make sure everyone feels included in all the plans and we make tons of memories. This is our last year in the pharmacy building and since we missed out on the first one due to covid, I want to make PY3 our best one yet!

Prabhdeep Parhar

To whom it may concern,

My name is Prabh and I’m a 3rd year student. I would like to take this opportunity to run for 3rd year student rep because my friends asked me to do it. I vow to try my best to blame them for putting me in this position and hope to succeed in winning the election against my opponents. I would like my profile speech thingy to say “My friends suck” but I give you the right to use your future pharmacist skills and adapt to change to anything you want (ie. The previously talked about “Hi my name is Prabh”). If you require anything further please do hesitate to reach out and yes read that again because it’s not a syntax typo error (message me on messenger okay?).


Immunocompromised Man

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