Sonia Plaha

C/O 2026 Graduation Representative Candidate, Sonia Plaha

Hi Class of 2026! Can you believe we’re already stepping into PY3? It feels like just yesterday we were starting pharmacy school together. As we approach the final stretch, I can’t help but feel grateful for the friendships we’ve formed and the memories we’ve made. But before the nostalgia kicks in, let’s remember we’ve still got a whole year of in-person classes ahead of us! We need to make the most absolute most of this upcoming year and that is why I am running to be one of your Grad Representatives. My goal? To make our last moments together unforgettable. Picture this: an epic cake and champagne celebration and the coolest grad hoodies.

Throughout the last two years, I’ve been deeply involved in various roles that have honed my skills in event planning, coordination, and leadership. From PhUS PY2 Representative, a member of the social committee, CAPSI PY2 Representative, a PAM event coordinator, the co-chair of both sponsorship and events committees for GPA Day 2023, and being a Pharmily Mentor, I’ve been right in the thick of things – organizing, leading, and making things happen. Beyond these clubs, what matters most to me is being approachable and ensuring everyone’s voices are heard and that everyone feels included in the fun. So, Class of 2026, sing it with me: As we go on… we remember… all the times we… had together… 😊