Susanna Zhong

VP Social Candidate, Susanna Zhong

🎉🌟 Hey Pharmily! 🌟🎉

I’m Susanna, one of the PY1 reps this year, and I’m running to be your VP Social. I’ve had the pleasure of being in social committee this year, and helping with Boo’s Cruise and Gala event planning and setup has made me decide to bring more memorable FUN moments to pharmacy. Here are the changes I want to make:

  • Online ticket sale: Let’s face it, no one enjoys lining up. I’ll make ticket sales online so it’s more accessible to everyone, including the 4th years wishing for one last pharmacy bash. Just click, pay, and party. For those who love the nostalgia of physical tickets, we’ll have printouts at the event for memory keeping. 🎫
  • Optimize food distribution at Gala so people don’t need to wait 30 minutes for steak refill
  • Boo’s Cruise Feast: Provide some light snacking options such as cookies and chips on Boo’s Cruise because no one wants to party with an empty stomach. 
  • Bubble Tea Social: Fill in the gap between Halloween Boo’s Cruise and Gala in March with a FREE post-ICE/LDOC bubble tea social – We all get to vent about how bad it was. I’ve already got the deets with Chatime and Teadot. 🧋

Vote for me, and you’re voting for a good time. I’ve got the experience and the plans, now I just need the votes to make all of these come true. VOTE SUSANNA for VP Social – where the prescription for fun is always filled! 💊🎈 


Susanna Zhong