Thazin Maung

VP Communications Candidate, Thazin Maung

Hello Phriends!! 

My name is Thazin Maung and I am running to be your next UBC PhUS VP Communications for the 2023-2024 school year.

Throughout my time in the PharmD program, I have enthusiastically embraced various roles, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities which have not only honed my skills, but also prepared me extensively for the responsibilities of this esteemed position. In particular, I have developed strong interpersonal skills during my time as PhUS PY1 representative. In addition, I held the position of LKS historian where I was responsible for managing the social media accounts and publicizing announcements for our chapter.

For this upcoming year, I want to streamline the process of communication from faculty to students; ensuring that you’re always up-to-date with all the latest news, club events, and job opportunities. I will implement a weekly schedule of events that are occurring in pharmacy to be posted on the pharmacy hub, Instagram, and the weekly announcements, along with posting physical monthly schedules in the PhUS lounge space. I will optimize awareness by promoting the PhUS weekly newsletter, google calendar and social media. Lastly, I will revamp the instagram page to promote student engagement through the implementation of modern internet trends such as reels. 

I am committed to not only making sure that you see announcements for the events going on, but also to ensure that you have the opportunity and information necessary to enjoy your pharmacy student experience to the fullest!