The Pharmacy Teaching and Learning Club (P-TaLC)

Overview of the Club

Established in the fall of 2019, the Pharmacy Teaching and Learning Club (P-TALC) is one of UBC pharmacy’s newest clubs. An experiment in student supported teaching, P-TALC holds events and releases free supplemental learning materials developed by fellow students with the goal of reducing stress and promoting improved learning outcomes. The combined work of P-TALCs editorial, archival and content creation committees ensures the library is up to date, accurate and principled. With an action-packed first year filled with events, practice tools and interclub collaboration under its belt: P-TALC is ready for another exciting year of growth and opportunity for the club and its members.

Highlights or Club Initiatives

The P-TALC Library is composed of a growing list of student-created learning tools. Some example items in our “library” include:     

  • FDLquest (a comprehensive, visual study guide for the foundations drug list) 
  • The Evidence Appraisal form (An online document made in collaboration with the PEAC which helps students organize and develop their evidence appraisal skills) 
  • Respiratory Device Guide
  • Succinct yet comprehensive documents with notes covering topics like Medication Reviews, Adaptations, SOAP Notes, and more!
  • Lab Exam Essentials Kit (LEEK): a succinct and handy review of first-year lab content which is intended to greatly increase the efficacy and quality of your studying for lab and subsequent P-ICE exams
  • ICEBOX: The ICEBOX is a single, concise document that covers the essential topics in 3 distinct sections: physical assessment, risk assessment, dose adjustment. ICEBOX is an excellent document to aid students in preparation for W-ICE exams.
  • NEW PROJECT – MAC Map: PTALC is currently working on a Minor Ailments and Conditions guide. The guide is being created in efforts to aid students in navigating pharmacists expanded scope of practice during practicum rotations. This guide is set to launch in December of 2023.

P-TALC also hosts numerous events over the term, currently including Practice counselling sessions and TalcTalk.

Benefits of Being a Member

  • Unlimited access to P-TALC content
  • Free membership with no additional commitment requirements (those who wish to support the club’s functioning and development are encouraged to join P-TALCs’ committees)
  • Members have the ability to submit their own content to P-TALC for review 
  • A platform to make a real difference in the learning of both current and future pharmacy students

How to Be a Member

P-TALC is primarily based in Facebook groups. To join P-TALC, simply click on the link below which designates your correct year and click “ask to join” (make sure you are joining the correct year!). There is no commitment required, but if you are interested in becoming more involved with P-TALC, then the best way to start is to apply to join one of P-TALC’s committees. The archival and editorial committees are essential for ensuring that P-TALC’s content is up to date, accurate and released on time. To apply, send in your resume to

Links to the Club’s Pages