UBC Pharmacy Pediatrics Club

Overview of the Club

The UBC Pharmacy Pediatrics Club is a platform for UBC pharmacy students to enhance their focus and spread awareness of patient care, specifically in the pediatrics population. Our main mission is to create a safe space for PharmD students to connect and socialize over a shared interest in pediatric care, promote evidence-based therapeutics for the pediatrics population and advocate for improved pharmaceutical pediatric patient care.  

Highlights or Club Initiatives

The following diagram represents our overall highlights and vision of the club. This club incorporated social, educational and advocacy elements in order to enhance a pharmacy students’ experience within the PharmD program. Our social events include networking seminars, trivial games night and skill-building workshops. In addition, our educational aspect incorporates lunch and learns, critical appraisal sessions and interprofessional seminars. Last but not least, we aim to advocate for pharmacists at high schools and community booths. 

Benefits of Being a Member

Member benefits include a chance to be an executive team member while receiving exclusive member merch! This club allows students to expand their horizon and interest in this expertise and get to work with great Pediatric Pharmacists! 

How to be a Member

Any student within the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is more than welcome to join the UBC Pharmacy Pediatrics Club! 🙂

Links to the Club’s Pages