PY1 Year Representative Candidates

David Wang

Fun fact about me: I love dragging my friends out to new and exciting places. That’s exactly what I want for our year, to make it exciting and memorable. 

I want to organize exciting events for everyone to come and enjoy. Such as karaoke nights, cram study nights, as well as big events partnering with our social and sports teams! Whether you want to study or socialize or a mix of both. 

I want all of us to succeed. I believe that students should be helping each other out. I have been sharing resources like quizlets and anki cards (APPP, FDL and MT) over the past weeks. I also will be posting weekly reminders for due dates, to ease your lives, even if it’s just by a tiny bit. If you haven’t done so already, please join the pharmacy Facebook group to benefit from our class.

I want our Class of 2026 to be a tight knit community, as some would call it a pharmily. Where everyone can laugh together, support one another, and make friendships that will last a lifetime. So to my future pharmacists, let’s help each other and make amazing memories together! 

Thank you!

Jason Jeong

Hello Rockstars of 2026!

My name is Jason Jeong and I am running to be your PY1 representative!

We have all embarked on this journey together and as with everything in life, starting something new or walking into the unknown may be intimidating. However, if we all work together, I believe we will be able to overcome these various hardships down the road such as the APPP quiz with greater ease!

If elected, I will strive to create a friendly and welcoming environment. I will plan a PY1 dinner where everyone in our class can join in for a meal while participating in various activities for even more bonding. I believe that sharing meals will bring everyone closer on a more intimate level! If anyone has any additional ideas, you can come to me anytime and I will integrate them into the event!

Also, I will be your friendly neighborhood classmate who you can come to and talk about any concerns or suggestions you have that you want to be brought up at the Pipeline meetings.

I look forward to starting off this great pharmacy adventure with you all and let’s all ace this together!

Kenny Aquino

My name is Kenny Aquino, a PY1 student in the PharmD program. 

I believe I would be a great candidate for this position because I have a great desire to hear the needs and wants of what my classmates and future colleagues want to get out of this program. Im very extroverted and love to lead and collaborate on ideas. Should I be elected as a representative, I will make sure that your voice is heard and make your time in Pharmacy school enjoyable. I believe that diversity is what makes our class very special and would love to plan events that cater to all kinds of people. I think that even if I dont get elected that I will put as much energy into making great memories with each of you regardless of the outcome. 

Kyle Barron

Hey, everyone! I’m Kyle, and I’m looking to make our time together at UBC unforgettable. As your student representative, I will keep you at the forefront of what makes this program incredible. I will fulfill my responsibilities by keeping in touch with what the students want, and standing up for your decisions and negotiating them with intention. I will consult without bias and guarantee your next year will be full of excitement, entertainment, and enrichment. I do not take this responsibility lightly, especially making PY1 victorious on skits night. Let’s make this year rewarding, full of memories, and above all else, fun. So join me in making this year unforgettable.

Meghan MacLaren

Hello everyone! 

My name is Meghan MacLaren, and I’m so excited to be running for your PY1 Year Rep! I’m the perfect candidate for this position, because during my undergrad, I was an executive on the McGill Biochemistry Undergraduate Society for 2 years. I was Director of Academic Affairs and VP Communications, so I have lots of student government and event-planning experience. I planned retreats, crawls, and trivia nights, and I would love to extend these fun events to UBC Pharmacy!

If elected as Year Rep, I would like to plan a meet-and-greet for students placed in the same region for their PHRM 171 practicum, to help students feel less alone in their new home for the month. I would also like to host an event presenting the research opportunities in the faculty. I would be open to any event suggestions from peers!

I have experience acting as a liaison between students and faculty, and relaying students’ feedback and concerns to course coordinators. I think this would make me well-prepared to present the student perspective to the student pipeline.

I look forward to meeting many of you this year, and please vote Meghan MacLaren for PY1 Year Rep 2022-2023!

Narmeen Umer

My name is Narmeen Umer (she/her) and I’m a PY1 Pharmacy Student running to be one of your First Year Reps at PhUS. 

As a First Year Rep, I want to increase transparency and strengthen communication between students, upper years, and faculty. I hope to incorporate your thoughts, concerns and feedback into the decision-making process at PhUS. 

Having previously served leadership roles within the Science Undergraduate Society at UBC for three years, as well as my experiences as an Orientation Leader for first year students, I have been able to closely analyze and understand the growing needs for the student body. I hope to leverage my unique experiences to address student concerns and opinions into Council. 

I’m running for First Year Rep because I’m genuinely passionate about advocating for the student body – we all know that the PharmD program is busy and high-demanding but I am committed to making OUR class’ experiences the best ones yet. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at, or shoot me a message on Facebook! Thank you for your time and consideration, it would be a pleasure to serve you as one of your First Year Reps at PhUS. 

Parsa Afrasiabi

My Name is Parsa and I am one of your classmates in the UBC PharmD program. During this short time of being part of this program, I have been able to form many connections with the members of our class and the faculty at large. This has been partly due to my social nature and my interest in making new friends, however, it’s been largely due to pursuing my goal of serving this class and becoming more involved with it. Additionally, I want to improve the student experience for everyone including myself and facilitate our professional, academic, and social growth as a unit.

I see myself as a non-judgmental, sincere, and approachable person and I believe these are some of the qualities that make me a qualified candidate for the 1st-year rep position. In fact, I believe these qualities are essential for this position. Becoming a first-year rep for our class is a great opportunity for me to showcase my ability to represent our class, implement ideas and initiatives that YOU want to see, and bring improvements to our student experience!