UBC Pharmacy Investment Club

Overview of the Club

In light of the pandemic, the importance of smart investments has come to the forefront, along with the huge financial consequence’s resultant of COVID-19. As students, we are not immune to these effects and have truly felt the shock waves firsthand. With prior interests and aspirations of diversifying our efforts throughout the duration of our pharmacy careers, this situation sparked an urge within us to reach out and attempt to help other students as they proceed from this stage of their life onto the next. Our goal with the Pharmacy Investment Club is to simply provide these future healthcare professionals with insights and intuition that they can carry with throughout the rest of their lives, in hopes of providing more financially stable futures for themselves and their families. We believe students would benefit greatly by having the information and knowledge our club can offer as they can use it to help shape and impact their economic decisions in the future. 

Highlights or Club Initiatives

Ideally, our club would serve as a platform to assemble like-minded students who seek interest in smart investing and provide useful information to help shape their monetary decisions. We have a set of experienced professionals who are ready to share their expert knowledge surrounding a plethora of different topics from property investing, mortgages, handling debts, stocks, taxes, credit, insurance, etc. In order to broadcast this information, we would host seminars/meetings through social media platforms and allow students to join in. From active sessions where students can directly interact with the host to pre-recorded lectures where individuals can watch at their own time, we have several options to fit our audience’s needs. Once our health pandemic settles, we also plan to host larger events to congregate students/parents/faculty amongst others and allow professionals to give live-presentations surrounding their topic of expertise. Our Facebook page would keep members inter-connected from which they can read articles, get access to valuable information, grow their circle and post comments/questions for our partners to guide. We have a great team ready to help students who are keen on crafting their professional future in regards to becoming financially stable. 

Benefits of Being a Member

Several benefits present themselves upon becoming a member of the UBC Pharmacy Investment Club (UBC PIC), however, a few of the more unique benefits include:

  • Financial literacy: In due time, members will gain knowledge that can be used to make relevant decisions regarding personal finance. Including topics such as investing, insurance, real estate, paying for college, budgeting, retirement, and tax planning
  • Networking and gaining social capital: The opportunity to form a strong network is priceless. As members begin to transition from being students to becoming working healthcare professionals having such networks in place is a crucial step that can help open up doors for new opportunities. Building and nurturing a network is one of the most powerful things you can do to support your career advancement

How to Be a Member

Students from all years are not only eligible but encouraged to join the UBC PIC. To gain financial literacy is to set yourself up for success in the future in terms of financial health and well-being. Students can join by contacting their respective Year Representatives. These representatives are available to answer any questions or concerns that potential members may have before joining the UBC PIC.

Link to the Club’s Page