Student Initiatives

UBC Students Address Their Mental Health

In this video, UBC students address the following question regarding their mental health: “what are some ways that you address your mental health and do you actively self reflect and express your mental health?” Please take the time to reflect and care for your wellbeing!

– Dalton Lam

Off-Labelled: Stepping Outside the Dispensary

A pharmacy podcast series that explores various non-traditional pharmacy career pathways, in order to raise awareness and to inspire students to explore new areas of pharmacy by sharing anecdotal stories and experiences from current practicing pharmacists.

– John Lee & Tom Sun

The Daily Dose Podcast

Join pharmacy students Leo Zheng, Jamie Park, Ting Ting Ma, and Tom Sun as they discuss current health issues and topics. “The Daily Dose” name is a tribute to our favourite café located at the University of British Columbia. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes!

– Ting Ting Ma, Jamie Park, Tom Sun & Leo Zheng

UBC Pharmacist Appreciation Month

UBC’s Pharmacist Appreciation Month (PAM) is an annual national campaign during March that promotes the changing profession of pharmacy and the vital role that pharmacists play in the health care system. This month serves not only to recognize the profession of pharmacy but to also give the public and UBC students the opportunity to better understand the profession and how pharmacists serve our communities.

Each year several events are held to achieve this cause, one of which is the Pharmacy Fair that is held at the heart of campus in the UBC Nest. PAM gives students of all backgrounds the opportunity to learn more about the profession, as well as to gain insight into this aspect of healthcare.

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