Pharmacy Evidence Appraisal Club (PEAC)

Overview of the Club

The Pharmacy Evidence Appraisal Club (PEAC) is committed to promoting evidence-based medicine in the faculty. As we are knowledge brokers, it is essential to find the underlying truths in research to make the best recommendations; it’s what gives value to our profession. It is our aim to foster a friendly and helpful environment where students can master the skills necessary to become evidence aficionados.

For more information, please see the following: PEAC Interclub Presentation

Highlights or Club Initiatives

In the past year, PEAC has put on numerous events to promote evidence-based medicine, including:

  • Student-led presentations on cutting edge studies (always with a faculty expert present)
  • Hosted a Provincial Academic Detailing session (a professional pharmacy service used to keep healthcare providers up to date on evidence-based best practice)
  • Collaborated with P-TALC to create an evidence appraisal tool for students (available on our website)

During the online-era, we hope to continue promoting evidence-based medicine via digital content such as useful infographics.

Benefits of Being a Member / How to Be a Member

There is no formal membership for our club as we aim to be maximally inclusive. All our events and resources are open to anyone interested! Feel free to email us at if you would like to be added to our mailing list though.

Links to the Club’s Pages