Rho Chi Honour Society, Delta Gamma Chapter

Overview of the Club

The Rho Chi Society is a U.S. academic honor society, established in 1922, and is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. The Delta Gamma Chapter at UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences was approved back in April 2009 and was the first Canadian chapter of the Rho Chi Honor Society. The Rho Chi Society’s vision is to achieve universal recognition of its members as lifelong intellectual leaders in pharmacy. The mission of the Society is to encourage and recognize excellence in intellectual achievement and foster fellowship among its members. Further, the Society encourages high standards of conduct and character and advocates critical inquiry in all aspects of pharmacy. In addition, we value the highest pursuits of philanthropy, as for example, our members take part in conjunction with the entire Faculty in Pi Week, our annual fundraiser for BC Children’s Hospital – check out the UBC Pharmacy Yearbook on Facebook or in print for more fun details and photos from past events!

Our Vision

The Rho Chi Society seeks to advance pharmacy through sustained intellectual leadership.

Our Mission

  • Encourage and recognize intellectual achievement
  • Stimulate critical inquiry to advance pharmacy
  • Contribute to the development of intellectual leaders
  • Promote the highest ethical standards
  • Foster collaboration

Highlights or Club Initiatives

Here is a small list of events that Rho Chi has held in the past:

  • Annual Mock OSCEs
  • Trivia Night
  • Journal Club
  • Rho Chi Pi Day Fundraiser
  • Community Outreach Presentation Initiative
  • Elementary School Outreach Program
  • SSRP and Directed Studies Information Sessions 
  • And more!

Benefits of Being a Member

Membership in the Delta Gamma chapter provides valuable opportunities to gain student leadership, volunteer experience and build a network with faculty members. Other benefits include: 

  • Meeting like-minded individuals
  • Working closely with faculty members 
  • Opportunities to attend alumni talks and network with professionals in the academic and clinical field 
  • Receiving a certificate and engraved pin with your initials as recognition of your achievement 

How to Be a Member

Rho Chi membership is by invitation only. To be eligible for membership in our Chapter, students must have completed one-half of their academic program (i.e. students entering the second semester of 2nd year) and must rank in the highest 20% of their class. Invitations will be sent out to eligible students at the beginning of the second semester of 2nd year. Until then, we encourage you to visit www.rhochi.org to learn more about our society and follow our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UbcPharmacyRhoChiSociety for news and updates. 

Membership requires a one-time fee used for registration with the national offices and includes, apart from lifetime membership, a certificate, an engraved pin with your initials, and an invitation to our initiation event.

Link to the Club’s Page