Lambda Kappa Sigma, Alpha Lambda Chapter (LKS)

Overview of the Club

LKS is a co-ed professional pharmacy fraternity that is open to all undergraduate pharmacy students. We work hard in building a strong support network for members while promoting advancement and leadership of individuals in the profession. In addition to our many social events and club initiatives, we also have study resources, scholarships, and bursaries available to our members.

Highlights or Club Initiatives

One of UBC’s signature events is LKS’s Manufacturer’s Night- an annual event held in March. It is the only professional event of its kind in the west coast. The purpose of this event is to broaden students’ understanding of the pharmaceutical world and to provide networking opportunities with manufacturers themselves. LKS also organizes outreach events to give back to the community, such as handing out backpacks in the downtown east side, and food and clothing drives. Through our alumni talks, there are opportunities for LKS members to gain insight into the different career avenues in the field of pharmacy, such as pharmacy ownership, hospital pharmacy, and industry.

Benefits of Being a Member

LKS members have the opportunity to connect with current and past members and build a community with people in the field of pharmacy. Professional development and networking events are provided for members to enhance their personal potential and develop new skills. LKS also encourages students to balance academics with social activities and, most importantly, create lifelong friendships.

How to Be a Member

LKS recruitment occurs in October. In order to become a member, fill out an application form and join LKS at Info Night in order to learn more about the fraternity and meet current members.

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