Alecz Reyes

President Candidate, Alecz Reyes

Hi everyone!!

My name is Alecz and I’m so excited to be running to be your next PhUS President. Previously, I was a first-year representative and currently PhUS VP Internal. My role in PhUS is extremely fulfilling and the connections I’ve made make me feel beyond blessed. This year I assisted clubs to receive funding for new initiatives and worked with students to achieve high turnout events. I want to continue supporting everyone that has shaped who I am today.

One of the most important things I’ve learned that is necessary (and effective) to survive pharmacy school is a support system. I will work with the elected council and provide mentorship so we can better support all students; making decisions that are fair and transparent. I will show up and represent all students at the College of Pharmacists meetings, AMS Presidents Meetings and Student Pipeline because I want all our concerns to be addressed by the faculty. I want the potential and creativity of every student to be recognized by giving all clubs access to a Canva Pro account to advertise events. As an advocate for mental-health awareness, I want to allocate a portion of the president’s budget to collaborate with clubs and students for new initiatives supporting overall wellbeing. We all know the difficulties in finding relevant resources in pharmacy school and similar to room bookings, I will be accessible for all your UpToDate needs. 

Thank you and I hope to continue making positive impacts towards everyone I meet!!