Alvin Adam

VP Finance Candidate, Alvin Adam

Hello everyone, my name is Alvin Adam and I’m excited to announce that I will be running for the position of VP Finance! I’ve been having a fantastic time as a PY1 with all the events/activities being hosted and I can’t wait to share the knowledge from my experience’s with you to make next year just as memorable.

Currently I am part of the CAPSI Professional development Subcommittee, helping to develop projects that aid students in their professional growth. Outside of school, I’m working at a Biotech company helping to manage contracts from smaller companies to develop and upscale their APIs. Aside from this, I assist the company with administrative work, like payroll, and keep spreadsheets regarding employee hours to make sure everyone is paid. 

As someone who’s lived on their own for the last 7 years, I understand the importance of optimizing how money is spent and the value of every dollar. 

If given the chance to be your future VP Finance, I’ll make sure to utilize the skills I’ve gained from the various opportunities I’ve had to ensure funds are allocated properly, there is proper transparency with where money is going to and organize the budget in a way to ensure that every student gets the most out of PhUS. I wish to use this position to give every student the best shot at succeeding in building relationships and expanding their learning. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I’ve earned your vote.