Andrew Hall

VP Communications Candidate, Andrew Hall

I really enjoyed my time as a PhUS PY1 representative this year. When I started this program, my was goal to say yes to every opportunity. I am thankful I pursued the role as a year rep because I was able to make so many connections within the PharmD program that I would not have made if I wasn’t a part of PhUS. I am excited to continue to be a part of PhUS on the executive council as the VP of Communications. Anyone who knows me knows that I communicate. A lot. I believe this role was meant for me!

With the recent chaos of the transit strikes and the excessive snowfall, I made sure to keep an open dialogue with module leads about how in-person sessions and assessments would be conducted and if they would be rescheduled or done online. It was crucial to relay the professor’s decisions to the students so they could plan their commutes accordingly. I hope to continue improving the lines of communication between the student body and the faculty.

I took some creative writing courses in my undergrad and I enjoyed writing for fun rather than for a chemistry paper when my product had a 462.9% yield. I’ve thought of some fun ideas to add to the PhUS newsletters to make more engaging content while highlighting the exciting events that PhUS is organizing. 

I hope to continue to serve the student body as a part of PhUS as the new VP of Communications.