Angel Chiang

VP External Candidate, Angel Chiang

Hello everyone! My name is Angel, and I am running to be your VP External for the 2023/24 academic year. VP External is responsible for liaising between you and AMS, as well as advocating our profession through Pharmacy Appreciation Month (PAM) events. As your PhUS sponsorship coordinator, I lead the sponsorship committee and have increased sponsorship revenue by $16.3K. I have also organized 10+ events with sponsors, encompassing gala and lunch-and-learns. These experiences have refined my communication and organizational skills, which are important for the VP External role. 

Currently as a PAM event coordinator, I work closely with OEE to plan and run an event that showcases our scope of practice to the public. This delineates my passion in providing insights into our expanded roles as pharmacists and inspiring future generations of pharmacy professionals. Therefore, I hope to advocate our expanded roles and to reach beyond UBC, encompassing communities like schools and senior homes for PAM 2024. 

If elected, I promise to actively listen to your needs, help you make ends meet, and build relationships with external partners to best serve your interest. I believe in transparency and accountability, and I will strive to keep you informed about my progress as your representative. With my experience, passion, and commitment to our student body, I pledge to put in 110% effort and represent student pharmacists in the best way possible in the VP External role.

Thank you for reading this far, and I hope I have earned your vote!