Aria Sadeghian

VP Internal Candidate, Aria Sadeghian

Hi everyone, I’m Aria, and I’m running to be your next Phus VP Internal.

I am currently serving as one of PhUS Sponsorship Coordinators and a First-Year Representative in the Pharmacy Investment Club. Outside of pharmacy, I proudly lead the AMS Tennis Circle. Through all of my roles, I’ve refined skills in teamwork, operational efficiency, and valuing student input.

I have three main priorities:

Firstly, I’m committed to fostering strong connections among pharmacy students, building networks that enhance our collective experience.

Secondly, I’ll ensure every club receives the support they need to thrive, advocating for the creation of new clubs to enhance our community further.

Lastly, I’ll work diligently with the sponsorship and finance team to boost the budget for pharmacy events. This will not only lower ticket prices but also elevate the quality of our gatherings.