Carmela Sangalang

VP Internal Candidate, Carmela Sangalang

Hello everyone!
My name is Carmela and I’m running to be the VP Internal for the upcoming PhUS Elections. I
am a first year student and this year I currently hold the AVP Internal position in PhUS. I am
excited to run for VP Internal because I had a lot of fun overseeing the duties and assisting with
the interclub activities this year as the AVP. I also have a lot of meaningful experience that I can
bring to this position; I used to be the Minister of Internal Affairs at my highschool where I
coordinated all club activities and funding, similar to some of the duties of VP Internal. I was
also elected as the Student Council President, where I was incharge of planning all school wide
events and overseeing student activities. This year I also had the opportunity to involve myself
with the Student Pipeline and PhUS Social Committee, where I was able to help voice student
concerns and plan exciting events. I love getting myself involved in my community and
contributing to a fun and successful school year.
I hope to make my commitment to coordinating with clubs to provide a smooth transition to
creating successful events for students. I want every student in the PharmD program to enjoy
their time here with all the opportunities that are offered to them. Using seamless communication
with clubs and organizing the Interclub calendar, we can work together to make it happen.
Cheers to another successful school year!