Carmela Sangalang

VP Internal Candidate, Carmela Sangalang

Hello everyone!

My name is Carmela, I’m PY2, and I’m running to be next year’s VP Internal. One of the main aspects of my candidacy is my dedication to this position. I’ve gotten a taste of this role with my previous experience as AVP internal in my first year, therefore, I’ve had first hand experience and understanding about the expectations of the position. In the past year, I’ve had the privilege of being the co-chair of the Events and Logistics Committee, which has equipped me with skills in multitasking and effective leadership. These experiences have improved my ability to manage diverse tasks efficiently and lead teams to successful outcomes.

My involvement as this year’s PY2 representative and LKS recruitment officer has provided me with insights into the needs of my peers. This experience has fueled my passion for creating an inclusive and engaging environment for everyone involved in the PharmD program. Furthermore, other experiences this year that I’ve done that contribute to my skills as next year’s VP internal include Student Pipeline Committee, Constitution Review Committee, PhUS Social Committee and PhUS Mentorship Committee. 

My goal is to streamline the room booking process and clubs fund requests such that every event is run successfully. Furthermore, I want to make the PhUS lounge more appealing and comforting to those who choose to use it. I want every student in the PharmD program to enjoy their time here with all the opportunities that are offered.

Cheers to another successful year!