Chanelle Emond

VP Social Candidate, Chanelle Emond

Hi UBC pharmily!
I’m Chanelle Emond, and I’m thrilled to announce my candidacy for VP Social for the 2024/2025 academic year.

This past year, I’ve been your dedicated SoCo member, contributing my energy and creativity to plan standout events like the back-to-school BBQ, pub crawl, booze cruise, gala, and upcoming skits nights. My active involvement extends beyond, attending various pharmacy and interdisciplinary events to expand my horizons. A few examples of these include learning opportunities through P-Talk, MHTF events, guest speaker presentations in finance, and James McCormack’s presentation on the science of nutrition.

My professional journey reflects a proactive approach to personal development, underscored by the establishment of my own business in 2022. These experiences have not only broadened my perspectives but have also allowed me to cultivate meaningful relationships within the pharmacy community.

If elected, I aim to strengthen our bonds and extend our reach. I envision cross-faculty events fostering networking and community growth. Additionally, I plan to spice up the year with extra events, perhaps a vibrant St. Patrick’s Day celebration or a festive Christmas/Holidays event – Holiday Trivia Night, Outdoor Ice Skating or Secret Santa Gift Exchange, anyone?

Your input matters, and I’m here to amplify your voices. Join me, and together, let’s make the 2024/2025 year a symphony of unforgettable moments. Vote Chanelle for VP Social, where every event is a celebration of us! 🌟 #ChanelleForVP #PhUSCommunityJourney


Chanelle Emond