David Wang

President Candidate, David Wang

Hi there! It’s David here. You might be asking why the President position? Why you? 

Well to me, the role of president isn’t having the ability to do all the other VP positions but its more about the ability to lead a team. 

A team where everyone was selected was based on their unique skill sets and who are a lot more talented than me in the field they were voted in. My role would be lead this team and to help where help is needed. 

In the short 2 years I have been in this faculty, I have worn many different hats – being involved with the pharmacist clinic, working alongside faculty members and professors, being in different clubs (highlighting: LKS, PITECH, PLS) and the main one being PhUS. In my previous roles such as first year rep and VP finance I had many opportunities to demonstrate my leadership skills such as Co-leading the Sponsorship committee and as well as helping plan skits nights for my year in PY1. 

Through these experience in pharmacy as well as all my other experience that got me into this program, I know I have developed the skillsets necessary to hold the president position.

So, to the next executive team and the student body at whole, I hope you believe in me as much as I believe in myself to be your President for next year’s PhUS counsel.