Maric Son

VP Internal Candidate, Maric Son

Hi everyone! 

My name is Maric and I am running to be your next VP Internal for the Pharmacy Undergraduate Society (PhUS) council. In my time here, I have come to recognize that PharmD is undoubtedly a journey of interconnectedness: despite differing passions, there will be times where we reach out for a helping hand and other times where we are a shoulder to lean on. I will continue to advocate for every club by facilitating all Clubs Fund Application and also be a point of contact for any student aspiring to create a new club. Having been a part of a multitude of different clubs (LKS, Pediatrics, PEAC, etc) as well as being one of the PY2 Rep for PhUS, I believe I am the perfect candidate for the role of VP Internal. 

I know first hand how demanding this program can be. My goal is to work with the incoming VP Finance to increase the budget for the lounge; this means more snacks for all of us when we have those pesky double IA days. In addition, I want to continue to streamline the room booking process. I will work closely with building operations to not only prevent overlapping events between clubs, but also events run by faculty. Thank you and I hope to work with you all soon!