PY2 Year Representative Candidates

Anthony Prpic

In life, there are many paths to glory. One such path involves the 2022 PhUS year rep voting. The battle has not yet begun, but its victories are decided with your vote. To lead. To serve. To triumph. To go to pipeline meetings. Warriors are discovered in the darkened shades of the night. At the helm of our class, a leader emerges. A PY2 rep. Allow me to take us into that battle. Into the unknown. Fortune favours the bold. Let’s be bold together. Vote Anthony Prpic 2022. 

Maric Son

Hi everyone! My name is Maric and I am running to be one of your 2nd year representatives for the Pharmacy Undergraduate Society (PhUS) council. In my time here, I have come to recognize that PharmD is undoubtedly a journey of interconnectedness: regardless of our interests and passions there will be times where we reach out for a helping hand and other times where we are a shoulder to lean on. I know I’ve had my fair share mental breakdowns, especially before EOBs and ICE. My goal is to not only be someone that can advocate for you (through student pipeline and PhUS meetings) but also be someone that you can rely on. This means timely weekly schedules, communicating to faculty when we are feeling overwhelmed, but most of all someone you can freely speak to as a friend. All in all, I want to serve as a liaison between you all and faculty. Thank you and I hope to work with you all soon.

Ronak Amir Sardari

Ciao Friends!
It feels surreal that just about a year ago, I was sitting at this very spot, excited and of course, a little anxious, applying to become a first-year rep for a wonderful cohort of peers, whom at the time, I only knew very few!

I was beyond honoured to be a class of 2025 representative during the first year of our program. Passionate about advocacy and community engagement, and of course, alongside two wonderful boss
ladies Alecz and Thazin, I had the opportunity to bridge between our student body and faculty, plan social events to facilitate long lasting friendships in our class, represent our cohort at PHUS and Pipeline meetings, and of course, echo the concerns and challenges that we faced as individuals in the uphill of PharmD journey! Roles that I plan to focus on more extensively and transparently; “advocacy on a personal level!”

Of course, one year of experience allowed me to better understand the need to push harder. I plan to prioritize our mental health, especially with the progressive workload of our journey. Furthermore, as our first year passed in a blink, I want to contribute to making this journey more enjoyable and memorable!

Ruishen Yu

Looking back at my first year in pharmacy school, I have learned the value of building strong relationships with others in our program. As a year representative, my goal is to make the pharmacy events inclusive, welcoming, and entertaining. I am also advocating for student well-being, and school-life balance. That being said, I remember those brutal days with an EOB, FDL, PBA, and care plan all due in the same week. As year rep, I will ensure that the faculty knows about these conflicts to improve future scheduling, as well as being cognizant of our mental health. Feel free to contact me whenever you feel overwhelmed, as others may also feel the
same. I look forward to spending this year with you guys!