Sarah Kim

VP Academics Candidate, Sarah Kim

Hi everyone, my name is Sarah 😊 I am running for the VP Academic position at PhUS because I want to continue to help build a safe learning environment for our students. As an AVP Academic, I helped host the monthly self-care raffles and the bunny therapy session. Additionally, I helped deliver our students’ voices of concern about our program by facilitating monthly pipeline meetings with Grace (current VP Academic). These Pipeline meetings are rewarding because they serve as a platform for students to voice their concerns that may have impacted their mental health and physical well-being negatively. Additionally, the MHTF will become a subcommittee of Academics next year. Currently, as a co-chair for the MHTF, I host monthly meetings, help plan events like the bunny therapy and mental health booth, create some mental health resource slides for lectures and mental health resources for our social media account. MHTF has a great potential for improving and destigmatizing students’ mental health issues with the support of PhUS and the Faculty. Hence, I wish to continue supporting this group as the VP Academic next year and help create a positive, healthy learning environment. Thank you for your time and consideration!