Trevor Chan

VP Communications Candidate, Trevor Chan

Hi Pharmily! My name is Trevor Chan (Class of 2025) and I am running as a candidate for the
UBC PhUS VP Communications position for the 2023-2024 school year. Over the past year, I
have taken on many new, exciting, and challenging roles and feel that it has shaped me into the
ideal candidate for this position. I maintained stringent and consistent communication with
faculty, committee members, and pharmacy professionals to help deliver the best possible
student experience. An example comes from being the Events Co-Chair to help welcome the
Class of 2026 to our faculty. From this experience, I have learned an immense amount
regarding the work and collaboration that goes into running a team that serves the hundreds of
students that make up our student body.
This upcoming year, I want to work towards minimizing the bridge between faculty and students.
I want to play an even greater role in promoting awareness of the plethora of events from our
multitude of active clubs, improving communications, and optimizing our society’s website and
social media pages. I find representation to be one of the cornerstones of achieving this, and
what better way to represent than by making this as equal an opportunity as it is for me. With
your vote, let’s work together to push our experience in pharmacy further than ever before.