UBC Pharmacy Vocal Ensemble

Overview of the Club

During a normal school year (pre-COVID D:), the Pharmacy Vocal Ensemble meets once a week to sing and have fun! We welcome everyone to join the club regardless of your singing experience, and we also welcome instrumentalists or arrangers to send us arrangements you would like us to sing! Each term we learn about 2-3 songs and our repertoire is chosen among the members. We sing songs of all genres, so come join us for some fun!

*Due to COVID-19, the Pharmacy Vocal Ensemble will be doing Karaoke nights. We will try and see if it is plausible to learn songs over the internet, but mostly we will chill and have fun 😀

Highlights or Club Initiatives

Annual Coffeehouse

  • Every year in the second term, the Pharmacy Vocal Ensemble welcomes everyone in the faculty to showcase their talents (singing, dancing, etc) in our annual coffeehouse. Proceeds from food and beverages are donated to support a charity or a non-profit organization.

Nursing Home Concerts

  • Once per term, the Pharmacy Vocal Ensemble visits Purdy Pavilion in the UBC Hospital right across from the pharmacy building to bring music and joy to the elderly patients. It is a very special experience to be able to connect with seniors through music and to give back and support the communities around us.

Valentine’s Day Sing-a-Gram

  • The Pharmacy Vocal Ensemble ambushes profs, friends, and beloveds inside the pharmacy building to perform a song to embarrass show your love on this very special day 😀

Benefits of Being a Member

  • Relax and hang out with your pharmacy friends!
  • There is no mandatory attendance, we understand how stressful pharmacy school can be (especially around End of Block times :P)
  • Music can heal our broken souls :’)
  • Leadership and club management opportunities 😀

How to Be a Member

Email us at ubcrxchoir@gmail.com or send a message on Facebook to either Helen Xu, Lindy Pangka, or Chris Xi if you have any other questions!

Link to the Club’s Page