Vice President, Academic – Lilyan Jia

My name is Lilyan and I am a second-year student running for the position of VP academic. My main motivation for running is to ensure that students feel heard and have their opinions validated. My passion for advocacy has led me to currently serve as the Associate VP Academic where I am able to play an integral part in addressing student concerns by planning pipeline meetings and taking minutes. Since last summer, I have been advocating on behalf of the student body during meetings with the Academic Committee, Student-Faculty Engagement Group and the Centre for Health Education Scholarship. Notable topics we have discussed include the transition to remote learning, use of proctorio, and the creation of more mental health resources amidst COVID-19. In addition, I am a student representative on the PEADs Advisory Group, where I help evaluate the quality and delivery of PEADs activities. Through my experience working with the current VP academic and liaising with faculty members, I believe I have a unique insight into the responsibilities of this position. I will continue to strive towards creating positive change in the PharmD program if I am elected as VP academic.