Vice President, Finance – Chris Xi

Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I am running to be your next VP Finance.

On top of the normal responsibilities of planning the PhUS budget, hiring the sponsorship coordinator, and working closely with other PhUS council members, I plan to:

  1. Provide full transparency on where our PhUS fees go. This year, we paid $66.15 in mandatory PhUS fees and as students, we deserve to know how our money is being spent. I plan on sharing a viewable and regularly updated budget, showing how student fees are allocated and when they are being used.
  2. Advocate to make sure that clubs and students get ample funding for events and initiatives. PhUS currently has a year-over-year surplus of student fees that are being carried forward to future years. I believe that fees paid for by students should go back to students during that year. With in-person classes planned for September, I will make sure that these accumulated student fees go back to students through events that promote student learning and well-being.
  3. Push for additional resources for students. As most of you know (except for first years), studying in pharmacy can be a struggle. There are so few study spaces and nearly no power outlets in the atrium. As well, the microwaves are in a sad state. With our surplus student fees, I’d like to have discussions to have more power outlets installed and new microwaves to make studying in the pharmacy building a more enjoyable experience.

Thank you for reading and with your support, let’s take pharmacy to the moon 🚀🚀