Amirali Masoud

VP Social Candidate, Amirali Masoud

Hellooo Pharmacy!

My name is Amir, and I am running for the VP social position in the upcoming PhUS election. Aside from being a typical pharmacy student studying alongside my peers, I invest a great amount of time and resources on baking and trying out new cuisines as a I am a big foodie. This creates a segue for me to communicate with people from different backgrounds and learn about new cultures. Diversity is not limited to life outside of school as it is also a major hallmark of the UBC community. Hence, the environment within UBC enables me to exercise my communication skills and create an integrated relationship between the pharmacy faculty and AMS constituency, which is one of the top responsibilities of VP social. In addition, having highly refined communication and organization skills are at the core of creating amazing events such as GPA in which we celebrate a new beginning at the start of each academic year. All in all, it would be an honor to receive the opportunity from my peers at UBC faculty of pharmacy to work as the PhUS VP social and be an integral creator of future events. 

Thank you again for your kind attention and looking forward to your active participation in our future at The University of British Columbia!